The Edinburgh Gardens Rain Garden in Melbourne.

Melbourne has experienced some years of drought and this project was to replace the existing need for potable water being used to irrigate the  parks and gardens.The Edinburgh Gardens Rain Garden designed by GHD pty Ltd is to provide a sustainable source of treated stormwater for the parks mature trees and sporting fields in a way that added to the existing landscape character of the park and added interest for users.

The project involved sourcing stormwater from the North Fitzroy Main Drain and diverting it to a newly designed terraced raingarden within the Edinburgh Gardens, with the treated water being harvested for storage and irrigation of the trees within the park and local precinct. The main components of the project were:
• Diversion pipe from North Fitzroy Main Drain with gross pollutant trap.
• Surcharge pit into 700 sq.m rain garden.
• Terraced raingarden with appropriate planting and filter media to treat stormwater.
• Overflow pit with underground pipe connected to 200 kilo-litre underground storage facility with pump to irrigation distribution.




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