EcoCool Cleans your Grey-water.

The EcoCool is a new waterfilter designed by Ardovan Mirhosseini. Grey-water can be reused,the EcoCool  cleans waste-water from your sink and shower . The water passes two filters and after this it can be used for watering plants(Garden) or cleaning the car. The filter can be used for cooling the bathroom or any other space.

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Roof-garden for sale.

This great roof-garden with penthouse located in Chelsea,New York can be yours!.It’s one of the most famous roof-gardens. When you think this is something for me , check all the details overhere. For only $4.5 million you can drink your malt whiskey on this roof-garden.

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Helsinki Roller-Coaster Garden.

Helsinki is the Urban Horticultural Capital of Europe,okay it’s not official but more and more initiative is taken on Urban-Farming. This year Helsinki is World Design Capital 2012 and this gave the Urban-Farming Movement a great boost forwards. This Roller-Coaster Garden is built from Recycled Timber and located on a disused Industrial Estate . Check […]

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