March 28 2015                                      Zaanstad, The Netherlands 

Welcome at UrbanFlora   

A growing number of Citizens is aware of the positive effects Plants have on their Habitat. The concrete-Jungle in which most of us live made us realize what we miss: Nature! Community-Gardening has become  a part of our lifes. We enjoy the social aspects and are aware of our responsibility towards our environment.  

UrbanFlora is about the Urban Garden, both public and private. UrbanFlora aims to promote (sustainability and biodiversity in) Garden & Landscape Architecture to the widest possible audience.  The articles on this site are written in an accessible manner so that both the professionials and the general public can gain inspiration.

“Ecological or naturalistic gardens are the gardens of the future, sooner as we realize they will become important and a part of all our lives. These gardens can be functional, environment friendly and extremly beautiful at the same time”.

About the author; After a period of almost 30 years in floristry I made the best change in my life. I went into the direction of Garden and Landscape Architecture. After my study I started with my writings about this subject and my passion: Plants! I mainly published my articles in Dutch. More and more international visitors to my website: TUINENSTRUINEN.ORG asked me to start writing in English. So this is my attempt to do so. Hope you will enjoy my writings and forgive me for the little mistakes in my English grammar. Do come back here!

With green greetings,



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Zaanstad – The Netherlands

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