Michaël Bakker

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At a young age I had a keen interest in plants and gardens. My parents have always supported and motivated me, the greenhouse that I got from them for my 10th birthday was a huge boost to my interest in horticulture. After my education at the Ir. S. Smeding Horticultural school in Purmerend I went to the Higher Horticulture College in Aalsmeer, the flower Capital of the World. During my training I was already designing and maintaining gardens.

After my training, I went in the direction of floristry after 4 years of working for several florists I started to work as an independent florist in the upper segment in 1989. It took until 2010 before I returned to work in gardens and had my training as Garden and Landscape Designer. My first assignment took me to Batumi in Georgia where I’ve done several Landscape Design projects.

Once back in the world of gardens makes me realize that this is really my passion, especially when it comes to Design. In my capacity as secretary of the Dutch Gardens Foundation and my activities as a garden writer, it is my aim to bring attention for Garden and Landscape Architecture at the widest audience possible. Dutch Design and Ecological/Naturalistic Gardens/Landscapes have my special attention. I hope you enjoy GRDN.

Michaël Bakker, Zaanstad The Netherlands

Garden and Landscape – Designer / Publisher

michael@grdn.nl or use the contact form below.

My Favorites:

Mien Ruys, Jacqueline van der Kloet, Andy Malengier, Adam Woodruff, Carrie Preston, Arjan Boekel, Dutch Gardens Foundation, Noel Kingsbury, Michael King, Piet Oudolf, Henk Gerritsen, Ton van der Linden, Dan Pearson, Andy Beardshaw, Carol Klein, Sarah Raven, Sarah Price, Ecological / Naturalistic Gardens, Chistopher Lloyd, Beth Chatto, …..


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