Urban Air turns Billboards into “Living Cloud Forest”.

Los Angeles based artist Stephen Glassman has this great idea to turn old Billboards into lushy gardens. The artist wants to create living cloud forests and by doing this creating some breathing space for the car-drivers . For URBANFLORA only one thing is important " more green in the city" and this is another example... Lees verder →


Sustainable Garden for Falco Art-collector.

The owner of this house , situated in Falco United States , a high-end contemporary art-collector , desired a contemporary sculpture/residence to both himself and his art-collection . The owner is raised in NorthDakota and wished for the design to reflect the prairie archetypes . The design for the garden is low-maintenance and planted with... Lees verder →

Grow Outside, Harvest Inside.

Volet végétal from Barreau&Charbonnet on Vimeo. The Volet Vegetal is a DIY-construction for plants in your window,with this invention you can have plants hanged out or inside. Growing outside and harvesting inside is made easy with this great.

Shipping Container Nursery,Podponics!.

Matt Liotta, founder of Atlanta-based start-up, PodPonics, aims to offer the ability to grow organic hydroponic lettuce locally in specially outfitted recycled shipping containers. These computer-controlled environmental systems have a bunch of great features: regulate temperature, humidity, pH levels and carbon dioxide outfitted with organic hydroponic nutrient solutions lights emit a specific spectrum at different... Lees verder →

Bryant Park designed for the future.

In the early 1900's Bryant-Park was slowly deteriorated. The poor design of the park made it unappealing for the public.Public Gathering place ,stairs,walls and overgrown greenery sectioned off the space into small isolated pockets and prevented positive community interaction. Despite re-design efforts made in the mid 1900's the divided space continued to be used by prostitutes... Lees verder →

Roof-garden for sale.

This great roof-garden with penthouse located in Chelsea,New York can be yours!.It's one of the most famous roof-gardens. When you think this is something for me , check all the details overhere. For only $4.5 million you can drink your malt whiskey on this roof-garden.

World’s first Vertical Forest.

All around the world Architects and developers have plans for vertical farming,almost every major city that thinks of itself as being green have at least a plan for this. Until so far it's a shame that these plans are only on the drawing-board of those cities. We have a little break-through , Milan is the... Lees verder →

Spindow, window with planter

The Spindow window can be turned and the adaptable planter makes this design multi-functional. The design is from JunkYung Kim & Jonggu Do . Growing plants can be switched from indoor to outdoor in a second.

Kwekerij Florensis besteed aandacht aan Urban Gardening.

Urban Gardening word ook door de commercie ontdekt, en ook grote tuinbouwondernemingen zoals het uit Hendrik Ido Ambacht afkomstige Florensis. Dit bedrijf met een productie-areaal van ruim 45 ha groot heeft goed zijn best gedaan met deze urban green expositie. Op deze foto's kan je kennismaken met hun creativiteit omtrent tuinieren in de grote  stad.... Lees verder →

Planten in alle hoeken en gaten.

URBANFLORA.NL heeft een voor-liefde wat betreft planten houden op kleine ruimtes.De kleine ruimte die mensen in de steden vaak hebben om te tuinieren maakt dat er vaakcreatieve oplossingen worden gevonden.Hierboven zie je een constructie van dakgoten opgehangen aan staaldraad.leMuren worden steeds meer gebruikt voor beplanting vooral in de kleinere tuinen.Een verzameling al dan niet zelf-geschilderde... Lees verder →

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