Hydroponics at Venice Architecture Biennale 2012.

Architect Jose Selgas made this creation for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012. This hydroponic system is built to show us the use of different materials to grow plants with,and even with existing materials made for other purposes. This system is … Lees verder Hydroponics at Venice Architecture Biennale 2012.

Shipping Container Nursery,Podponics!.

Matt Liotta, founder of Atlanta-based start-up, PodPonics, aims to offer the ability to grow organic hydroponic lettuce locally in specially outfitted recycled shipping containers. These computer-controlled environmental systems have a bunch of great features: regulate temperature, humidity, pH levels and … Lees verder Shipping Container Nursery,Podponics!.

Helsinki Roller-Coaster Garden.

Helsinki is the Urban Horticultural Capital of Europe,okay it’s not official but more and more initiative is taken on Urban-Farming. This year Helsinki is World Design Capital 2012 and this gave the Urban-Farming Movement a great boost forwards. This Roller-Coaster … Lees verder Helsinki Roller-Coaster Garden.

World’s first Vertical Forest.

All around the world Architects and developers have plans for vertical farming,almost every major city that thinks of itself as being green have at least a plan for this. Until so far it’s a shame that these plans are only … Lees verder World’s first Vertical Forest.

Will Allen is Urban Farming!.

Will Allen is de oprichter en directeur van GROWING POWER, en is DE promoter van Urban Farming in de Verenigde Staten. Zijn vele inspanningen met GROWING POWER hebben hem de laatste 20 jaar ook een aantal mooie onderscheidingen opgeleverd zoals , Mac Arthur Genius Grant, en zelfs een notering in de TIMES 100 Most Influential People. Will Allen ademt Urban Faming ,overal waar ik aan het zoeken ben voor nieuws over Urban Flora kom ik zijn hoofd wel tegen. Photo of Will Allen of Growing Power taken in greenhouse #7 . It is a community gardening coop, where he teaches … Lees verder Will Allen is Urban Farming!.