Singapore has First Commercial Vertical farm!.

Singapore is making a big step forwards in Local Sustainable Food Production with the opening of a Commercial Vertical Farm. This Farm is world's first commercial Vertical farm  and produces 1 ton of Vegetables locally grown.   For now the farm only produces three varieties of Veggies but when new investors are found the farm... Lees verder →


Aquaponics in the Pacific.

The New Zealand Government have got behind a $250,000 aid project and have built a trial aquaponics system on the Cook island of Rarotonga , located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.   Many of the Islanders have limited access to fresh water and lacked suitable soil for producing food.  Given that a... Lees verder →

Hydroponics at Venice Architecture Biennale 2012.

Architect Jose Selgas made this creation for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012. This hydroponic system is built to show us the use of different materials to grow plants with,and even with existing materials made for other purposes. This system is easy adaptable in any building and let you grow plants on places that were unsuitable... Lees verder →

Shipping Container Nursery,Podponics!.

Matt Liotta, founder of Atlanta-based start-up, PodPonics, aims to offer the ability to grow organic hydroponic lettuce locally in specially outfitted recycled shipping containers. These computer-controlled environmental systems have a bunch of great features: regulate temperature, humidity, pH levels and carbon dioxide outfitted with organic hydroponic nutrient solutions lights emit a specific spectrum at different... Lees verder →

‘The Lowline’ New York’s Underground Park.

An abandoned trolley Terminal below Delanceystreet,NYC  dating back the 1900's is the location for New York's newest Urban Green Adventure. After the succes of 'The Highline' this is another great project and again something completely new, the Trolley Station is not the most obvious place for creating an Urban-Park. The great challenge is to create... Lees verder →


The streets of San Francisco are lined with Pear,Plum and Apple Trees , out of fear that the fruit-trees will make a mess the city planted sterile trees that don't bear fruit. The group was started by Tara Hui, who started grafting fruit-bearing branches onto city trees a few years ago. If you want to... Lees verder →

London Eye Flying Garden

One of Britain's leading Garden and Landscape-designer Andy Sturgeon created this flying garden for EDF London Eye as part of London's Southbank and Bankside Cultural Quarter Cityscapes Festival. The inaugural Cityscapes garden design festival takes place over the summer at venues such as the Old Vic Tunnels, Architecture Foundation and Design Museum. It showcases the... Lees verder →

The Edible Greenhouse.

This edible greenhouse is a design of two dutch artists Marijke Bruinsma from ' de ' and Arjen de Groot from ' studio gras '.The idea behind this portable food-garden is to seduce people to grow their own food at home to a wall. The ' Eet mij ' ( Eat me ) garden... Lees verder →

Helsinki Roller-Coaster Garden.

Helsinki is the Urban Horticultural Capital of Europe,okay it's not official but more and more initiative is taken on Urban-Farming. This year Helsinki is World Design Capital 2012 and this gave the Urban-Farming Movement a great boost forwards. This Roller-Coaster Garden is built from Recycled Timber and located on a disused Industrial Estate . Check... Lees verder →

World’s first Vertical Forest.

All around the world Architects and developers have plans for vertical farming,almost every major city that thinks of itself as being green have at least a plan for this. Until so far it's a shame that these plans are only on the drawing-board of those cities. We have a little break-through , Milan is the... Lees verder →

Spindow, window with planter

The Spindow window can be turned and the adaptable planter makes this design multi-functional. The design is from JunkYung Kim & Jonggu Do . Growing plants can be switched from indoor to outdoor in a second.

Botanical Garden in Atocha Station , Madrid.

The Atocha Train-station in Madrid,Spain is probably one of the greenest in the world. Since 1992 the station-building is the host for this botanical Garden and Turtle-Sanctuary. Passengers can wait for their next train on one of the many benches under the palm-trees and next to the turtle-pond. Over 7000 plants ( 260 varieties)live inside... Lees verder →

Kwekerij Florensis besteed aandacht aan Urban Gardening.

Urban Gardening word ook door de commercie ontdekt, en ook grote tuinbouwondernemingen zoals het uit Hendrik Ido Ambacht afkomstige Florensis. Dit bedrijf met een productie-areaal van ruim 45 ha groot heeft goed zijn best gedaan met deze urban green expositie. Op deze foto's kan je kennismaken met hun creativiteit omtrent tuinieren in de grote  stad.... Lees verder →

Carrot City brengt Urban Agriculture en Design samen.

Carrot City is een initiatief om Urban Agriculture en Design bij elkaar te brengen en hun kennishierover te delen met de wereld.Carrot City toont hun designs voor Urban Farming op een soort Mood-Boards waarmee overal in de wereld expositie's mee worden gegeven,momenteel zijn ze tot 22 juni nog te bewonderen in Amersfoort,waarover aan het einde... Lees verder →

Will Allen is Urban Farming!.

Will Allen is de oprichter en directeur van GROWING POWER, en is DE promoter van Urban Farming in de Verenigde Staten.Zijn vele inspanningen met GROWING POWER hebben hem de laatste 20 jaar ook een aantal mooie onderscheidingen opgeleverd zoals , Mac Arthur Genius Grant, en zelfs een notering in de TIMES 100 Most Influential People.Will... Lees verder →

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