Bryant Park designed for the future.

In the early 1900’s Bryant-Park was slowly deteriorated. The poor design of the park made it unappealing for the public.Public Gathering place ,stairs,walls and overgrown greenery sectioned off the space into small isolated pockets and prevented positive community interaction. Despite re-design efforts made in the mid 1900’s the divided space continued to be used by prostitutes…

Roof-garden for sale.

This great roof-garden with penthouse located in Chelsea,New York can be yours!.It’s one of the most famous roof-gardens. When you think this is something for me , check all the details overhere. For only $4.5 million you can drink your malt whiskey on this roof-garden.

Al eeuwenlang groene daken in Noorwegen.

Al sinds de tijd van de vikingen zijn de Noren al achter de voordelen van groene daken. Bloemen gecombineerd met gras en zelfs hier en daar een boom sieren al eeuwenlang de daken in Noorwegen. De daken zijn vrijwel vrij van onderhoud en gaan zeer lang mee.