Sussex Prairie Garden, American meadows in Britain


ps 2Paul and Pauline McBride created and designed this garden inspired at the American Prairies. 

ps 16

Surrounded by mature oak trees the six acre garden consists of a series of interlocking arcs of large planted borders in a naturalistic style. Colours are soft and muted, and complement the natural landscape.

ps 3

ps 5

The borders encourage exploration and adventure and visitors are welcome to roam in amongst the mighty plants to further enjoy the experience.

ps 15

ps 6

The plantings consist of large groupings of each variety, planted in a free flowing style, which contrasts leaf forms, stems, stalks, flower shapes and textures.

ps 9

ps 12

The borders , planted in the shape of a spiralling nautilus shell were planted in May 2008 with 40 of their friends and family.

ps 10

ps 11

Click on picture to enlarge:

Photography Marianne Majerus published with kind permission of Paul en Pauline McBride.

website Sussex Prairie.


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