Geelvinck Hinloopen Garden Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a long and rich history when it comes to Garden Architecture. In the Golden Age period Amsterdam became the most important trading-city of the western world. The Canal-district was the first big extension of the city. Behind the City palaces arose the most beautiful gardens. Each of these gardens, with their long history, have their own story, this is the story of The Geelvinck Hinlopen City Palace.

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The house was built back in 1687 by the instruction of Albert Geelvinck,  it was him and some other famous members of his family who lived in the house until the end of the French occupation. In 1813 the house was sold to a scion of the rich trading family Asschenbergh who lived her for 45 years and in 1867 sold the house to a banker. In 1920 Geelvinck Hinlopen House is turned into a office of the Hagemeijer & Co. At the end of the nineties of the past century the current owners  restore the property and opened it to the public.

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Until late 18th century the garden was in baroque style with many Buxus hedges and a kitchen garden near the coach house. The current garden was designed in 1990 by famous Dutch Garden & Landscape Architect Robert Broekema and excist of three rooms. The modern garden is designed with historical elements like for example; the Knot garden, landscape garden andbaroque garden. Historical and modern species of plants are used in the modern design wich give a connection wit the rich past of the garden.

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The main house and garden are one of the widest on this canal, the Herengracht. The garden ends by the Coach House wich is situaded at the Keizersgracht. Members of the Dutch Garden Society and residents have free access to the garden.

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