How Plants improve your business profit

Working in a green environment has many advantages for businesses, from one-man businesses to multinationals, where the investment in green soon may have a positive effect on the operating result of your company.

In many cases plants in and around the company, prompted by ignorance,  are most of the time the final item on the budget and they only have the function of decoration. In countries like Germany and Switzerland green gets, for many years, a lot more appreciation and plants are used as a means to create pleasant, healthy and responsible workplace for employees.

Green roofs at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn Michigan USA
Green roofs at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn Michigan USA

A mentality issue.

The first and most important aspect that entrepreneurs need to start with is to look at plants not only as a decoration for your company on a small budget, but we must treat plants as an investment in the business that make a positive contribution to be delivered to the operating result.

A change of mindset so in a commercial process too – and important – responsibility is taken with respect to the environment.

Get  expertise.

For larger businesses (and often larger areas) is the next step in this process also of great importance,  attracting a Garden and landscape architect / designer with his / her knowledge helps to get the most out of your investment . For small businesses it can in many cases be a uneconomic choice to hire a landscaper or designer often there is only limited space for planting and you can quite easily make your own planting.

For new build projects, it is wise to get the garden and landscape architect work with the architect in order to create the best conditions for plants within the design from the stage of the drawing board so avoid disappointing results with this investment.

Indoor Courtyard Alterra Wageningen The Neherlands
Indoor Courtyard Alterra Wageningen The Neherlands

The Start.

Of course, it all starts with choosing which plants you use to achieve the goal. Of course as the business manager you dont have to interfere because this is why you hired a Garden Designer. But to keep things clear for you just in short why we best can choice for a naturalistic/ecological approach to the planting design.

If it is a new company you should choose an ecological / naturalistic design, an existing planting can be adjusted by your designer.

The plants with an ecological design consists of the largest possible proportion of native plants supplemented with cultivated plants. Combinations are made ​​from plants that can thrive together and reinforce each other. These pieces mimicked nature have proven to have great appeal to people and are sustainable because the plants are accustomed to local conditions and therefore for example, no extra watering is needed.

Green roof Ford Motor Company Dearborn USA
Green roof Ford Motor Company Dearborn USA

The possibilities.

  • Reception / office ‘s: Especially for small to medium businesses is often utilized every square meter inside the building, by placing not too big plant in a pretty pot on the desk can still be achieved maximum impact.
  • Interior Landscaping: Almost always this kind of plantings are based on hydroponics results in less maintenance of the plants and a schedule that can be limited to 1x per 3/4 weeks. Nowadays  there are many trendy pots that are suitable for this type of planting.
  • Indoor Courtyard: A garden in the building for example, in the lobby or atrium where this indoor garden can be used by the employees or visitors.
  • Vertical Garden: A relatively new method of planting and out of which green can be used in places where it was not previously possible. There are modular systems with watering system.
  • Outdoor spaces:  Here the ecological / naturalistic design, which we have chosen for a contemporary look to your business. Pieces of lawn that are not used for recreation, but mainly for the visual aspect to be changed into a wildflower meadow. This makes these places a lot more attractive to the eye but also maintaining it is durable.
  • Roof gardens: When the structure of your building permits, you can decorate the roof with a garden. Unlike a green roof that can not be accessed the roof garden can be arranged for a place wich your staff can use. There are even examples of roof gardens where a complete golf course is created.
  • Green roofs: With green roofs it is not intended to be accessed, or at least as little as possible, most of the advantages of a green roof are for the environment. When staff has the posibility of viewing those green roofs also economic benefits can be achieved.

The economic benefits of your investment.

The garden designer made a design for your business taking into account your wishes and has commissioned a gardener to carry it out. The new or existing site / property has been outfitted with sustainable ecological planting and gives a new glance to your business.

The decorative feature of your landscaping makes you tend to spend the budget of your housekeeping / facility services department. But it will be clear that the  human resources department will have to contribute to this budget because of the enormous influence that plants have on working conditions. In this case the investment in plants even get profit and the plants have become a source of income.

Interior Patrick Blanc, Vertical Garden Designer
Interior Patrick Blanc, Vertical Garden Designer

1 – Imago

The new planting is sustainable and gives your business a new look. The ecological / naturalistic planting design take care of a greater biodiversity that allows you to show the outside world that your company shows its commitment and invest in a better environment. So take care of media attention for optimal display.

For example, when you build your new factory/offices and allows the roof to perform as green roof on which the original plants of the site are added to the roof ensures that the environmental impact is minimized. Nature/wildlife is not reduced in the number of square meters.

Elsewhere on the site, your ecological planting design ensure that maintenance is limited to a minimum, resulting in significantly drop in use of nonrenewable raw materials. This contributes to a lasting environment friendly image for your company.

Your involvement and consideration for the environment gives your business a green imago and increases confidence in your company and allows you to score, so your first PROFIT is as your potential customers know this and greatly appreciate and your sales will grow (together with your plants) on the long term.

Green roof planted with native species at L'Hi...
Green roof planted with native species at L’Historial de la Vendée, a new museum in western France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 – Maintenance costs.

When inside the company’s plants have not been using hydroponics this is recommended. In hydro culture maintenance costs are up to an average of 50% lower in comparison to soil culture.  The purchase of hydroponic plant is about 25% higher, but it is also true that the plants are less sensitive to disease and thus have a longer life.

Outside (and possibly on the roof) is the planting composed to take care of a minimum of maintenance. To achieve optimal savings, we opted for an ecological / naturalistic approach to the planting design.

With such a design the plants exists for the largest possible proportion of native species supplemented with cultivated plants, the main components here are perennials, annuals we again see back next year because they reproduce by seed and some ornamental grasses chosen out of a very extensive range of high and low, thick and thin in green, black, white or red.

Lawns and grass strips which did have a purely visual function are transformed into wildflower meadows where anyone who does look at it will be in love. Often, the existing lawn forms the basis of these prairies, there is a way in which young perennials (plug-in shape) are planted, and there is a way in which there is a (for this specific location) mixture is used composed of seeds.

Naturalistic planting design
Naturalistic planting design (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • A lower frequency of maintenance: the first three quarters year the garden will still need a little extra care and there will be some adjustments needed. Compared to a more traditional design a 50% savings after this initial period is achieved. PROFITS at the cost of maintenance.
  • Lower water use: The native plants in the planting are used to the conditions such as the amount of rain the other plants have adapted to this need. Only in the case of extreme heat there may be an additional irrigation  necessary. PROFIT on your water bill.
  • Healthier plants: An ecological / naturalistic garden is close to the natural situation where plants are mixed, plants can thus reinforce each other and are thus healthier plants. PROFIT because no pesticides are needed.
  • Less use of irreplaceable materials: With the exception of winter grass should be mowed often, because of the adjustment that we have done, from lawn to wildflower meadow, this mowing is only required twice a year. This provides considerable savings in maintenance and use of fossil fuels. PROFIT so for the environment and your maintenance costs.
English: Green roof with Sedum plants and sola...
English: Green roof with Sedum plants and solar panels at The Green Shop, Bisley, Gloucestershire, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 – Energy costs.

In many business premises, the cost of cooling (air conditioning) in the summer are higher than the costs for heating in winter. With the construction of green roofs on your premises you scored a direct result by a significant drop in energy costs.

In order to obtain a maximum effect the green roof is outfitted with evergreen plants.

At an outdoor temperature of between 25-30 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature, under a green roof, is 3-4 degree lower compared to a conventional roof. In climates where air conditioning is essential in order to obtain a pleasant work climate, a green roof can play an important role in lowering the indoor temperature, a reduction in the temperature of 0.5 degrees, with a green roof, gives a saving in the cost for air conditioning of 8%.

In Canada, Environment Canada conducted research at two same business premises with a floor. One of the buildings was equipped with a green roof (with div. Grasses) on which a substrate layer is made ​​of 10 cm, the other building was equipped with traditional roofing, the building with the green roof was that 25% cheaper with the cost of cooling conditioned compared to the building without a green roof.

Especially in large offices and factories, this average saving of 25% on energy costs is an important reason to provide the building of a green roof. We are dealing here with large amounts where the investment in a green roof quickly yields PROFIT.

Edgedale, Roof top garden 2, Jan 06
Edgedale, Roof top garden 2, Jan 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 – Healthy and motivated staff.

Environmental Psychologist and professor Agnes van den Berg, from The Netherlands, specializes in research on nature and health. From many of her research facts emerged that many of us will be recognize but  now irrefutable evidence has been provided.

Just the view of greenery, such as your employees soon have on the green roof for example, gives us a sense of happiness, vitality and has a stress-reducing effect. An important characteristic of plants is the purification of the air, we can make good use of this in the office.

Patrick Blanc, Vertical Garden Designer at his office
Patrick Blanc, Vertical Garden Designer at his office

Working in a green environment has a positive impact on our sense of well-being, creativity and health, your employees feel better and all of this will benefit you. The low absenteeism/ sick leave when working in a light green building must sound like music to your ears.

  • Houses in green neighborhoods are worth more when selling.
  • In green neighborhoods is less crime.
  • Living in a green environment gives a sense of security.
  • On green schoolyards quarreled less and less harassed.
  • Hospital patients recover faster after surgery in view of greenery.
  • The absenteeism of hospital staff who work in a building with a lot of light and green and possibly is much lower than traditional hospital buildings.
  • Plants at home and views on it gives a feeling of vitality.
  • Plants purify the air and catch particulates. This has a positive effect on our health.
  • Plants at home work stress relieving, and give us a sense of well-being.

When your personnel (human resources) works in a building with greenery – inside and out – this is a scientifically proven positive effect on employment (atmos) sphere. PROFIT here is healthier and better motivated employees with higher productivity and fewer sick.

The naturalistic planting design in and around your company provides a huge profit on the environment through increased biodiversity and sustainability. The animal life in this kind of pieces mimicked nature will fascinate and make your employees involved in the green. Youshow others that you are involved in a better environment, and ultimately you will only benefit. For the environment and your company this means ultimately at the bottom line only ……. PROFIT!


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