Gardens at the Bank of Springfield by Adam Woodruff

adam 19a

The assignment that the Chief of the Bank of Springfield gave to Adam Woodruff was clear; the design must have a boldly impact on the streetscape. If Adam was succesfull in doing so you can judge for yourself,  in any case  the bank manager was more than satisfied if only for the many awards the gardens won and for the generous attention in the media.

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Adam Woodruff

Adam was educated at the University of Eastern Illinois where he earned a degree in botany. The greenhouses on the campus of the university were for him a second home, he was often to be found here and it was here where his love of tropical plants developed. Since 1995 he is engaged in garden and landscape design, but in the meantime continues to develop by traveling.

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These trips take him to Asia, the Yucatan Peninsula and Europe where he becomes especially inspired by Piet Oudolf who shares his knowledge with him about naturalistic planting schemes in which native plants find their way between shrubs and perennials. In his own country, Roy Diblik Wisconsin plantsmen gives him new insights into making planting designs. His designs have been featured in Horticulture magazine, Consumer Reports and St. Louis Magazine AT HOME; he has been published in Fine Gardening magazine, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and several trade journals; and he is a guest contributor to the Gardening Gone Wild and Designers on Design blogs.

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Piet Oudolf about Adam Woodruff;

“Adam Woodruff is a creative young designer, whom I first met in 2009. His work with tropical plants and more recent forays into naturalistic design confirm his talent. Adam is eager to learn about the way we see gardens today. He travels extensively for inspiration- touring gardens around the world, attending professional seminars and engaging with other leading designers.”

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Gardens at the Bank of Springfield

When the Bank of Springfield doubled the size of their flagship facility in central Illinois. Adam Woodruff + Associates was engaged to redesign the 3 acre site. The chief consideration of the design process was to boldly impact the streetscape. Woodruff designed naturalistic, yet vibrant flower borders scaled to the site to accomplish his goal.

adam 9a

The award-winning gardens cover 22,000 square feet and include a massive perennial and annual bed running the length of the Wabash Avenue facade. Several auxiliary flower beds dot the property, echoing color and texture rhythms found in the main bed. Annuals, which represent 40% of the plant material found in the gardens, are artfully woven between shrubs, roses, grasses and perennials to insure consistent bloom.

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