The beautiful Le Jardin Plume in Normandy


The Quibels bought these seven acres of flat, sheep-grazed orchard in 1996. After several months, the master plan for the garden was ready it had to be a garden in the French formal style but with a planting in a modern mix of grasses and perennials with a natural wild look.


Patrick & Sylvie prefer strong lines and bold structure like for example the strong shape of the hedges wich are also essential against the strong wind here.


Each part of the garden has it’s own different atmosphere, In many parts of Le Jardin Plume we see swaths of modern meadow planting: tall, transparent, feathery mixes (which inspired the name Le Jardin Plume) of Thalictrum and Veronicastrum, Sanguisorba and Calamagrostis grasses.


Patrick and Sylvie like small groups, and to repeat the same plants in different combinations to get a more natural aspect.


Photography; Allan Pollock-Morris.




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