Jones Road Garden, Naturalistic Design by Adam Woodruff

‘Jones Road Garden’ in Girard, Illinois, is a wonderful example in wich way Adam Woodruff brings his customers into contact with nature and the greater landscape. In an earlier article (TuinenStruinen) on one of his designs: The Gardens at the Bank of Springfield was discribed how Adam Woodruff is inspired by traveling to a lot of diffirent landscapes all over the world and by meeting other famous designers like for example: Piet Oudolf and Roy Diblik.

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Adam Woodruff uses his great knowledge on Botany and plant-ecology to design naturalistic landscapes wich are inspired on how plants grow in for example the American Prairies. In general most naturalistic designs are more complex then they look, they are based on ecological and horticultural science. Native plants form a major part of a naturalistic design, because they are used to the local circumstances wich makes them low-maintanance.

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The ‘Jones Road Garden’ is inspired by the American prairie. Grasses form the foundation of Woodruff’s naturalistic design, a matrix through which shrubs, perennials, natives and bulbs emerge. Plants are artfully woven together to insure a diverse and visually dynamic display with good bloom succession and seasonal interest. The feeling is spontaneous and natural.

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The clients, a middle-aged couple with grown children, requested a design that would be sensitive to the borrowed landscape and not disrupt their views. Woodruff imagined a grand, stylized prairie enveloping the home to compliment the charming pastoral setting.

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Adam Woodruff

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