New Linear Park at Embassy Gardens, London.

London-City just presented their plans for a new City-park , the new “Linear Park” winds it’s way through a new housing development project . This project is taken place right now and goes from Vauxhall to New Battersea Power-station.

The site is currently occupied by some old industrial depots and New Covent Garden , the new park will open it’s doors to the public in 2014 but the final result could be seen in 2015 when the new housing project is completed .

The inspiration for this park came from the famous ‘High Line’ park in New York. When asked why he was so inspired by the High Line, Morgan (Architect): “Many have been totally captivated by the iconic nature and design of the High Line. We, as landscape architects, have found the process the most inspiring of stories. The community that has been created transcends design and becomes a culture focused around what was a linear steel structure. At Nine Elms it is a ‘groundline’ that will be created, one that connects city to park, park to people and people to community. All of this within a contiguous public volume, providing a beautiful green legacy on London’s Southbank.”

This project can be seen as one of the most outstanding Landscape-projects in recent years , the designing team consist of names like James Corner Field Operations, Piet Oudolf and Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s/source

The Meandering park runs through the project and all the residents will have their open-doors at the park-side. /


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  1. Abandon TV says:

    Looks like a gorgeous characterful development which will resonate with the spirit of bustling human interaction and inclusivity which has made London such a great place to live and work….

    …. yet with fully enclosed cinemas and gyms so you won’t have to interact with the plebs – and no doubt strategic gun towers ready to shoot any riff-raff* on sight who dare to set foot on the place.

    * anyone actually born in London, anyone with a discernible London accent or anyone earning less than 100K

    It’s the best of both worlds! 😉

    1. Michael says:

      I completely agree with you and think this is the case many cities . Thanks for your comment!.

  2. Joshua says:

    i agree also ! it has nothing to do with creating new landscapes in London its all just making more room for the rich !!

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