The (Amsterdam)Watergraafsmeer Garden-studio by CC-Studio.

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Having a garden in Amsterdam is a great gift and most of the time these Amsterdam City-gardens are quite small. Having a garden-shed can be a problem,living so close to each other a shed can be real obstacle for your neighbors . Often their view can be spoilt by bricks and for this (Amsterdam)problem Designers CC-Studio created this Neighbor and environmental friendly Garden Shed. CC-Studio is a real Amsterdam(Watergraafsmeer)-based design-company.

And I really do think(hope) this design will give a new impuls in the way we look at design for these urban-green problems. When you decide to have a shed in your garden there are already a lot of restrictions but this design will give a greater change for a permit to build extra living-space. I think your neighbors should be thankful when you choose for a design like this one from CC-Studio.

The Shed they designed is covered with panels pre-planted with Sedum . The use of mirrors to reflect light and greenery and the mirrors give you the impression of a bigger garden/space. The Sky-lights , the large glass-panels in front and the white indoor walls gives a minium in the use of energy and give you a great bright place to work,play,sleep or what else !.


What do you think about this?

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